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    Artists Christopher P. Bachman and Nichole Petrie began painting together in the late winter months of 2020. The pair ignited each other and Bachman + Petrie was born. 

The inspiration: Whatever You Want.

 We certainly have our own styles and techniques, and the idea is that we can bring anything to life, at any scale,  or any price point.

We start with raw materials and hand craft every piece of art we produce. Our large paintings are hand stretched and painted in oil. Our smaller pieces are painted with mixed media on high quality canvas then finished off with a handmade frame.

We pay attention and take pride in every step of the process.  Everything we do is inspired by the greater vision of life; valuing quality, yet questioning traditional methods to forge a new path. We make that vision our mission to discover- and to show you through our lives, and our art. 

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